Bristol is located in the Southwest area of England, representing the greatest city in this region for its culture and art. Bristol hosts an excellent deal of visual arts, theater, songs events all year-long and one can also discover there numerous remarkable museums and galleries. You must know that Bristol stands for the finest location for a city break on the weekend if you are fond of culture and art.

Getting to Bristol

One can get to Bristol by aircraft, by bus or train from any place in UK. Bristol has a wonderful range of hotels in the facility, consisting of the Radisson Blu Hotel Bristol that is nearby from a lot of galleries and places.

A little history

Archaeologists think about that this city has about sixty thousand years and it was discovered first in locations like St Annes and Shirehampton.

Even these days, one can see the Iron Age forts, which are situated outside Bristol and specifically at Leigh Woods and Clifton Down. In the duration of the 14th century the city of Bristol became in the leading 3 greatest towns in the medieval age and only the cities of York, London and Norwich overpassed it.

The population development of the city was come by the Black Death. It lasted till the 17th century when the population began growing once again and therefore, the so-called English growth in the trade of Africans to America cross the Atlantic Ocean.

In the duration of the Second World War the city of Bristol was greatly damaged by bombings caused by the Air Force of Germany and regrettably a large amount of the city was totally destroyed. After being recovered in the 60s a large amount of buildings were developed in a brutalist architectural design. Not to talk about the roadway expansion.

Art lovers will absolutely discover Bristol to be a remarkable city and an outstanding place to invest the weekend. If you are questioning things you can see in Bristol, then you will get a couple of ideas if you continue reviewing this article.

Going to the Museum of Bristol and the Art Gallery

The art gallery is built on 3 floors where one can see art exhibits ranging from artifacts from ancient times to modern-day contemporary works.

The Art Gallery and the Museum of Bristol normally hosts fantastic world-known exhibitions. Not long ago the gallery also hosted an exhibition called Banksy Vs Bristol Museum created by Banksy, a neighborhood artist. This exhibition had more than 300,000 visitors. One can see an outstanding mix of creative appeal and history; this is a special chance to see substantial dinosaur fossils as well as stunning works of Renoir, Pissaro and Bellini, delicate glass and ceramics from old Japan and China. Because there are many things to see, it could take you a whole day to invest there.

The Arnolfini Show

There is a popular arts center, located in Bristol on Narrow Quay, where you have the possibility to see some films, exhibits and dance performances of outstanding quality. Arnolfini is popular for the showcasing of some of the very best works of the art of Bristol. It is free of cost to get to these exhibits, however it is needed to buy tickets for the programs.

Places to Visit

There is a fantastic offer of numerous other destinations that you will absolutely like to see like WMT Slimbridge, Wildlife Park, Avon Valley Adventure, Horse World, Blue Reef Aquarium, the Zoo Gardens of Bristol. In addition, the Old Down Country Park is ideal for family trips.

Bristol language institutions are some of the finest that you can find in the UK. Any pupil looking for an English language institution ought to look no more than Bristol